Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nokia obtains in Germany sales ban against HTC - ZDNet.de

Nokia yesterday before the District Court of Munich I ban the sale of all Android devices from HTC enforced. They violate a patent for a “method for transmission of information resources” via NFC or Bluetooth. Judge Matthias Zigann decided despite the admittedly broad system of the patent, in favor of Nokia to judge.


FOSS Patents blogger Florian Mueller points out that it is not a standard-relevant patent, so it does not even have to be licensed on FRAND terms. The injunction is also durable – HTC could therefore unlimited disappear from the shelves in Germany. Previously, HTC will probably appeal.

question Nokia’s Patent EP1148681 should also represent other Android manufacturers a threat. It describes simply a method of exchanging data between two devices via radio. While it does not apply to Wi-Fi networks, but also Bluetooth and NFC are omnipresent in the Android world.

Earlier this month, HTC has already missed by a modification of a well erwirkten by Nokia sales ban in the U.S.. Such a modification would be an alternative to an appeal, whether such a possibility exists technically, it is unclear


While Nokia and HTC continue their long-standing patent dispute , Apple and Samsung negotiate in South Korea reportedly over a global patent peace. However, just tried in an exploratory phase in the presence of cartel guards to allow for alignment at the level of the license fee, where both are far apart: Apple supposedly expected $ 30 compensation per device sold, which violated his rights.

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