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“Food making is a process. And processes can be hack. “Who stands on a transition of the Hamburg Congress Centre and a somewhat doubtful deplaziertes glass Kimchi staring, is taught at the state of the food hacking base better. Hacking is not necessarily carried in front of the keyboard and screen, hacking can all systems, whether they are stored digitally or completely three-dimensional and fixed material standing around in front of a. Kimchi for example. And this extended definition of the term may explain why many passions for processes such as brewing beer in small quantities, automated mixing cocktails or coffee preparation beyond the filter machine at the Chaos Communication Congress – lived out

– in plush staged sofa corners at the “coffee nerds.”

little closer since even the passion for obsolete technology, about which one already stumbles every three meters. And if you can recreate it with little effort and budget, the better. The artist group Telekommunisten had moved at the last Transmediale a pneumatic tube system right across Berlin’s House of World Cultures, now the Hamburg Congress Centre sees the expanded form of this system. The basic idea remains the same, namely the use of yellow drainage pipes from the hardware store, industrial vacuum cleaners and PET bottles as capsules. This somewhat tentative-looking affair that squeezes inside and outside through all the slots, straight running through halls and along winds of columns, bears the beautiful name “Silk Road”. It’s a classic do-it-yourself project. “Construction buns” is called today, crafting a combination of and build. And that the do it yourself always consumerism and so silent inherent in protest, you know, at least since the invention of industrial production. Who makes himself, taking not just what you put in front of him on the conditions that the manufacturer imposes on him. Who makes himself, thinking about alternatives after, and be they ever so abstruse as a vacuum cleaner powered pneumatic tube system it is now.

The Silk Road is not only a fun tinkering, it is also a mental exercise. “We build it were the old internet for,” says * m, spoken Mae, one of the initiators of the Hamburg Silk Road zweipunktnull beta. The original, eponymous Silk Road was a network of trade routes with many middlemen, never a dealer have completed the entire distance alone. And the new hamburger Silk Road is dependent because of the numerous fire doors at the Congress Centre, which shall be kept closed to human assistance by manual override. “We do not have any automatic router” regrets Frank Rieger, so one must rely on manual routing. To provide visitors are meant to carry the pneumatic tube capsules to the next station and to bring closer to their destination. And with tight bending degrees one must sometimes take a bit of contrast. That is debugging.

table knitting machine reveals open-source idea

Pretty much room on the ground floor of the Congress Centre is a so-called Hackerspace individual clubs and projects. Hundreds sit here in front of screens, other solder around on boards, build lighting objects with LED lights or slouch in the ball pit. Chris and Andy are sitting in front of a rather antiquated-looking table knitting machine which is connected to a computer, and in turn, depends on a laptop. The Brother KH 910 year of construction 1975, she took us for 280 euros purchased through classified ads. The good, something angegilbte piece not only comes with a simple instruction manual, but with a comprehensive service manual, therefore, the basis of which you can not only understand this machine, but in an emergency can also repair itself. “That was a big purchase, so a machine you can not just throw away when it’s broken,” says Chris.

The disclosure of the inner life as they once practiced the Brother laudably, is the archetype of open-source philosophy, is not looking secretive to hide from the end customer modes of operation and forces in case of failure to buying new. Apparently there were times when it seemed quite desirable companies if their products were considered to be particularly durable and easily repairable. But probably it’s just the current trend, which forces customers in closed systems and makes the replacement of defective parts as hard as possible, which provoked the counter-trend to hack these systems.

heart of the Brother knitting machine control, the templates in needle movements and finally yarn fabric is reacting. The patterns are therefore semi-transparent, small-minded films, which are also self could imagine and very slowly walk through a slot at the top of the unit in which they are read with a scanner similar reading methods. This is not only cumbersome, which is particularly error-prone and inflexible, because the reader slot holds only pattern strips of 60 pixels – that mesh -. Width

“We have complete control kicked out,” says Chris. “We evaluate the sensors and control actuators, so the needles themselves this way, we can also use the full width of the machine of 200 needles.” The patterns – classic Norwegian deer, but also video game characters and QR codes – they produce a popular open-source drawing program called Gimp. Then run these templates have a simple script that controls the machine, and that they themselves have programmed. And the controller did the two have even soldered together: A DIY Arduino board, which is quite common among hobbyists, and a specially developed add-on board. “We just hope that our project on interest encounters,” says Chris, but since he has to make little worried. This knitting machine model has never been hacked, and the first day are forty or fifty people stopped by it and have the machine can be explained. And right now we interrupt a lady and asks if you can because even knit sweater. “Of course,” says Chris, but you must manually off and grow, as the top of the sleeve seam.

hacking not only for computer professionals

It is not easy to recognize the subversive potential in endearing projects like this. But each is meshed and knit rigid a system, the more explosive force develop the attempts to circumvent it. For approaches that take place in the real world, the beautiful phrase “Life Hack” has become naturalized in English. He describes a creative approach to finding solutions which were so never provided. How about the enthusiasm for food hacking and completely new methods to insert kimchi.


plants hacking. The bright light is not to be overlooked in a darkened Hackerspace, and under him thrive two very delicate flowers that push their first pairs of leaves from the substrate. An architect, Martin, and a media artist, Bastian, both of Weimar, have teamed up to develop hydroponic project under the beautiful name of “Plants and Machines” systems from the simplest of materials. They build their little chilli plant is a closed system from substrate, water and light, and the whole thing with simple, stackable plastic containers, how to get them at any hardware store. For this purpose a form suitable for plant growth bulb called “Tornado”, 35 liters of water, a small fan and the bilge pump a vessel that supplies the plant with water constantly. At home in the garage a few small goldfish come to this. No, they do not have mold, and the chilies grow just fine, say the two, and are better than anything else gets to pods in Germany.

There are projects like this that show that hacking is not only one – is employment of a few computer experts – although useful. In the environment has long been a culture grown that defines itself primarily through a state of mind: you are not satisfied with what you get prefixed. It has become a culture of doing it yourself, Anders making developed, which requires a little knowledge and study of the subject, but that’s what makes the geek culture of yes: The deep entry into things, whether offbeat television series, Telecommunications of the growth conditions of chilli plants instead of superficial access the pure user. And the willingness of the findings willing to share with everyone, to enrich society. Of these, users can also like us only benefit.

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hobbyists, Baustler, Lifehacker: Border happening at 30c3

Chaos Communication Congress

hobbyists, Baustler, Lifehacker

From Andrea servant

Chopped Not only telephone lines and computers but also computer and knitting plants. At the Chaos Communication Congress envisions a culture of self-discovery. Findings are shared willingly with everyone.

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