Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ISS needs to be repaired urgently: astronauts walk in space Christmas - NEWS

 astronaut Chris Cassidy worked in May at an ammonia pump. Astronaut Chris Cassidy worked in May at an ammonia pump . (Photo: Reuters)

Wednesday 18 December 2013

A faulty cooling pump limits for a week, a life on the International Space Station. For the astronauts, there are therefore working over Christmas. Another space shuttle comes not only once – the families of the crew, it would be


Rick Mastracchio will repair the cooling pump with his colleague Mike Hopkins. Rick Mastracchio the cooling pump with its colleagues Mike Hopkins repair (Photo: REUTERS).

The International Space Station (ISS) will be repaired after the failure of a cooling pump. Therefore, the U.S. space agency Nasa also shifted the supply air of a private van. On 21, 23 and 25 December to march out two astronauts to more than six hours long spacewalks to replace the pump, said the Nasa.

On Saturday, the U.S. astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Mike Hopkins will start at 13.10 CET the first outdoor use. The planned originally for Wednesday launch of commercial space shuttle “Cygnus”, which was approximately 1300 kg replenishment fly on board the ISS, has been moved to “the earliest in January.” The crew can thus probably spend Christmas at home.

The temperature control is disturbed

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to the cooling pump for about a week faulty valve. Then the energy consumption in the Russian part of the station had to be significantly down. The six-man crew and the station are but according to NASA not in danger. With the announced field operations, the astronauts Hopkins and Mastracchio to remove the defective pump and install an existing spare part.

The defective valve is necessary for regulating the temperature of the air conditioning. On the ISS, there is a second cooling circuit is functioning normally. Are affected by the partial failure, according to NASA, the Harmony module of the ISS, the Kibo laboratory and the European Columbus laboratory.


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