Sunday, December 22, 2013

evasiOn7: Jailbreak for iOS 7 - with controversial features - Mac & i

The team of evad3rs has submitted the first jailbreak for iOS 7 with evasiOn7. The jailbreak works on all iOS devices on which operates a variant of iOS 7 (version 7.0 up to and including 7.1 beta 2). The jailbreak is played under Windows or Mac OS X via USB and does not need to be re-established each time the iOS device (“untethered jailbrek”). After the installation can be on the iOS devices, among other things installierne apps that were not purchased through Apple’s App Store -., Access to the alternative app store Cydia is automatically set

From the developer of the Cydia Store, Jay Freemanm but also came first concern after the publication of evasiOn7. He had been surprised by the publication of the jailbreak, which had been provided without any testing to the public. In addition, the Chinese-language version contains the Chinese App Store Taig could be loaded via the black copies. Although he had known of the integration of Taig, but the developers of evad3rs clearly warned that this was dodgy because of piracy. He had tried to negotiate a better deal for the developers.

For the integration of the app stores Taig got evad3rs money – as much about the developers make no details. In a statement, the developers stressed, however, they were only asked by the company behind Taig whether they also wanted to set up in addition about to Cydia, the jailbreak in the app store. You have always spoken against piracy. And also in agreement with Taig should be noted that in the app store any cracked software should be offered. Were known as corresponding offers in Taig, you have Taig informed immediately that this was not acceptable. Taig had then immediately started to remove the corresponding black copies.

security experts but have since filed for reasons other concerns about the jailbreak: the code is obfuscated by Obfuscator – an examination of the code is thus impossible to possibly contained malware. evad3rs shows up because of such allegations outraged: The only reason to obfuscate the code, was that you wanted to ensure the integrity of the jailbreak. It should also be prevented that others who may be harbored dishonest or criminal intent, published modifications of the jailbreak. (jk)

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