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17 December 2013 22:49

power politicians and IT associations call him a long time, now it’s finally here: Under the Grand Coalition will be the first time a permanent Internet Committee. MPs celebrate this on Twitter.

In the Bundestag, the network policy will be the first time a firm place: Parliament would establish a Main Committee for Internet and digital agenda, shared several members of the governing parties CDU / CSU and SPD on Tuesday on Twitter


addition to the SPD deputies Lars Klingbeil and his colleague Peter Tauber (CDU) also expressed Dorothea Bear (CSU) and Gerold Reichenbach (SPD) on Twitter to the new committee. Previously, some issues of network policy such as the copyright part of the subcommittee New Media in the Culture Committee.

parliamentary committees have a central role in the preparation of decisions of the plenary especially in the legislation. In November 2012, the then-Enquete Commission of the German Parliament to establish a permanent Internet-committee to assist the Bundestag it decided to revise the legislation on the conditions of the digital society. This was also supported by the Greens. Such a committee was “very appropriate, at least for the transition times of the digital revolution,” said Konstantin von Notz (Green).

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