Monday, December 23, 2013

Air iPad, Galaxy Note 10.1, Surface Pro 2: Stiftung Warentest tested Top Tablets - PC Games

Stiftung Warentest the Top Tablets from Microsoft, Apple and Samsung has been tested. The iPad Air, the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Surface Pro 2 are in the test set close together. All tablets were evaluated positively, the choice of the winner fell heavily Stiftung Warentest.

Apple's iPad is Air at Stiftung Warentest par with the iPad mini in second place. Apple iPad Air occupied by Stiftung Warentest par with the iPad mini to second place . [Source: See picture gallery] duel of the giants: Stiftung Warentest has scrutinized the top Tablets of the major manufacturers. Microsoft went with the Surface Pro 2 into the race, was represented with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and Apple introduced with the iPad Air and the iPad mini two candidates. In the test, that is, four tablets that are among the best that it has to offer the market.


well turned out and the result: All four devices were evaluated by Stiftung Warentest quite positive. Nevertheless, it might surprise a few, that the Surface Pro 2 is on the fourth place. Despite a score of 2.0 to the testers found fault still a lot. Example, found Stiftung Warentest control used to.

even if the narrowest of margins – - Samsung secure with the Galaxy Note 10.1

place 1 could.

iPad Air in the video test: This is how Apple’s tablet model with dimensions of

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