Sunday, December 22, 2013

Internet Injunction: Redtube goes against Abmahn company before - Munich evening paper

Redtube users can breathe easy for the time being: The streaming portal obtained an injunction against the company “The Archive AG”, which stands behind the thousands of warning. On Friday rowed the Landgericht Köln back.

Hamburg – The case for the warnings to users of the streaming platform Redtube is exciting: you fight for the first time the owner of the site. As the “Frankfurter Rundschau” reported in its online edition, procured the portal before the Hamburg District Court for an injunction against “The archives AG”. Accordingly, the Swiss company should initially send no further warnings against Redtube more users, “is where claims that users have the copyright of The archives AG hurt,” as the newspaper quoted from a press release. The firm Urmann + colleagues had warned on behalf of the company over 10,000 internet users by letter, as they are said to have consumed illegally in August copyrighted movies.

“This decision is a victory not only for the users of Redtube, but for every person who visits streaming websites. It is a clear message that the use of personal information and the invasion of privacy from a purely financial interests is tolerated, “said Alex Taylor, vice president of Redtube.

On Friday rowed the Landgericht Köln back and admitted that some chambers who have previously accepted the request of Abmahnanwälte, would now tend to “no longer in their original assessment, hold and pick up and pronounce the decision that by the connection owner was injured in his rights. “

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