Monday, December 23, 2013

Phablet Oppo N1 comes from 24 December with pre-installed Android alternative ... -

users can officially access Google Play as the phablet Google has certification programs CTS and CDD successfully. The alternative Android distribution already lists more than 10 million users.

Cyanogen has announced that the Smartphone Oppo N1 from 24 December is also available with the pre-installed Custom Rom CyanogenMod. It is Google’s certification programs CTS and CDD have passed and thus access to official Google Play obtained. The CyanogenMod developers consider this as significant milestone for its alternative Android distribution.

Oppo offers the N1 in its European online store Oppostyle so far from 449 Euro with the based on Android 4.2 developed by himself Rome Color and gives the version with CyanogenMod as “coming soon” to. The device assigns itself with its 5.9-inch display in the phablet class and offers the full HD resolution of 1080 times 1920 pixels.

(Image: Cyanogen) (Image: Cyanogen)

At first glance, the rotatable 13-megapixel camera with f2.0 aperture falls on. Currently, Oppo is the only smartphone manufacturer with such an integrated solution. About the included Bluetooth remote control “O-click” can trigger a beep or play the camera, the device should be missing. Another special feature is the operating surface “O-Touch” on the rear panel, which supports numerous touch gestures, so that the relatively large phablet can nevertheless operate with one hand.

The housing is made of aluminum, but weighs only 213 grams. The Adreno 320 graphics core and 2 GB of RAM complement the Snapdragon processor 600 with four cores and a clock speed up to 1.7GHz. Oppo offers versions with 16 or 32 GB of flash memory, but no slot for SD cards.

few days ago was able cyanogen-founder Steve Kondik report that CyanogenMod has now reached more than 10 million users. The available from Christmas Eve CM version of Oppo N1 he described as a “Limited Edition”. To achieve its ZTS certification, would he and other developers “have not had time to sleep for over a month.”

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