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Lamborghini Huracan: Hurricane Approaching - kicker online

This is a violent assault: Next year heir of the 325-km / h carbon wedge Huracan the Lamborghini Gallardo. Focused on ensuring that the gale-force of 610 horsepower. This must be thought, however, can afford only.

Lamborghini Hurracan: The flat flounder from Sant’Agata Bolognese is a storm on wheels. Your V10 engine provides 610 hp ready.



footsteps – or better: Tyre tracks – the Gallardo are quite deep: With over 14,000 units built, he has career as the most successful “Lambo” ever made. Considerable time had been puzzled over the name of his successor. Cabrera? No, that’s it then not. Huracan is called the New, which on the one hand refers to the archetype of “Hurricane” and so far quite good fits to orkanisch-unleashed power of the driving machine. But above all is the new name in the best Lamborghini tradition: As a sponsor for the Lambo models have a fighting bull is usually chosen


ten-cylinder engine and four wheel drive

had fought as such a Horned called “Huracan” in 1879 in Alicante and remained undefeated since the automobile was not yet invented. The sight of a brutal, aggressive roaring flounder as the Italian from Sant’Agata Bolognese probably would have pushed humanity into a rout. Uncompromising wedge shape reveals the sharp athletes, its power source located in the rear: a new 5.2-liter V10 with 610 hp and a massive torque of 560 Nm, which is at 6500 U / min. The power is transmitted via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, all-wheel for optimum traction. And a driving dynamics selector switch in the steering wheel allows the operation of various driving modes Strada about sports to Corsa.

wedge of carbon: The aggressively marketed in the form Lambo maintains close Leichtbauweise.Als top speed reaching 325 km / h .



in 3.2 seconds to 100

When the driver accelerates, it says should look good: The Huracan is quickly gone. Very quickly: In 3.2 seconds he sweeps from zero to 100 km / h after 9.9 seconds, the 200 mark is cracked. One end is the only running around 325 km / h As a child of the Volkswagen Group, the Italian way, is related to the Audi R8.

Thanks to intensive lightweight construction (aluminum and carbon) it brings the Huracan on a combat weight of (dry) 1422 kg. In January, he goes on tour to ever to secure a few customers. At around 130 private “Preview Event” that take place in more than sixty cities, it is to be presented selected guests. Otherwise, he stands at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Or, even a little later, the merchants. Who will appear before them, of course, should be quite well what have in the account. Although Exact prices are not fixed yet. Under 180,000 euros, but more likely to be helped.


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