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29 December 2013 17:56

hacker conference in Hamburg: Political discussions take on gadgets

. (Photo: Getty Images )

“All our fears were confirmed”:. At the Congress of the Chaos Computer Club discuss thousands of hackers monitoring – and how to defend themselves against it

From Hakan Tanriverdi Hamburg

all 3000 audience raise their hand. They sit in Hall 1 of the Congress Center in Hamburg, the hall is full. The place referrers have the dozen people sent out of the room, because these have simply placed on the ground and violating fire safety regulations. Presumably, however, would have the audience who had to go back, her hand raised to that question, which clarifies what breed of people want to listen to that day here. The question is: “How many of you have your hard drive encrypted?” 3000 hands, just all, followed by 3000 short laugh. Digital self-protection, which is in this place for granted.

It is the express first day of the annual conference of the Chaos Computer Club, the Chaos Communication Congress, in short: 30c3. He is traditionally held annually on 27 to 30 December. Those taking part in this Congress, is part of the hacker elite. He or she can manipulate everything, divert and control for your listening pleasure. Drones, Sim Card or alcohol. And who can not yet practicing diligently. However, women are far less present than men, which is 30c3, as every year, a men’s conference.

Not everything is hacked, some is also shaken. The production of the perfect Mai Tai drinks is when a hacker takes the thing, done in ten seconds. The bartender on the fourth floor with the CCC served of 17 clock on for this purpose only a smartphone app, while quiet music plays. The app sends commands to the computer, saved the recipes, automatically the necessary amount for a Mai Tai Rum with a hose from pump bottles and fill them with the remaining ingredients in a glass. Only the shaking then resumes the man, and then only because the Congress no one has yet built a shaker. Can still come.

Technical finger exercises are the operating system

the CCC is always learned, popular as always it zusammenzulöten small little light on complex systems is flashing. Lena, who does not want to give her last name, is a kit purchased, a cost of 15 euros. Irons has brought along, just like her baby and her stroller. The physics teacher has used and tinkered the time between two lectures. Now on the stroller, the name of her son flashes. Mai-Tai, Baby names – all just gimmick


No, there are technical finger exercises, they have always been part of the conference that they are so to speak, its operating system. Constanze Kurz, spokeswoman for the CCC, said that behind the gimmick put more than just fun: “There really creates the expertise, the understanding of the technology,” she says. There are basic courses, awaken the understanding of the digital world.

Short from the press room on the first floor goes up to the fourth floor, take the fifteen minutes, usually the path is not so long. But short is constantly asking for help, sometimes missing a moderator for the next lecture, will ring their phone, it’s the People’s Daily, a Chinese newspaper. By Saturday evening came in the entire year 8973 press inquiries to the Chaos Computer Club, many of them end up in short. And the Congress has grown. The speaker expects 9000 visitors in four days, compared with the previous year would correspond to an increase of one third. There are more than 150 speakers, plus the many workshops.

“You can not have the impression that we have been here technopolitical,” says Short. Techno policy, which is another word for that technology and politics have come together closer in recent months: The NSA affair connects foreign policy and hacking technology like never before in world history. Wars are fought with digitally controlled drones, even topics such as education or diplomacy be influenced and changed by the internet. The Chaos Computer Club benefited from it because its members more closely and better understand the technology than many politicians – and citizens. It can be an advocate for civil rights in the digital society. Nevertheless, there is a lack of money. The Congress may therefore only take place because 1,000 people to help volunteer. Just as the CCC operates a total of volunteers.

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source and Editor: SZ from 30.12.2013/kjan

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