Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Mac Pro can be ordered: Apple's Monster Box rolls going on - NEWS

 The new Mac Pro is not only very strong but also looks great. The new Mac Pro is not only very strong but also looks great (Photo: Apple).

Thursday 19 December 2013

The new Mac Pro can be ordered immediately. The computer is extremely powerful and falls by a small, cylindrical metal housing. Who goes when ordering in the solid, may issue up to 9600 euros for the computer.

Otto-Normal-users likely to be overpowered something Apple’s new supercomputer. Some professionals in the film, music or design industry have the new Apple Mac Pro but probably eagerly awaits. “It is our vision of the future of professional desktops, everything about it has been redesigned and there was never anything like it before,” said Apple’s marketing chief Philip at the presentation of the computer on 22 October. He was probably right.

The computer offers Intel Xeon processors with up to twelve cores clocked at up to 3.6 GHz. According to Apple, the new Mac Pro achieves a twofold higher computing speed than the previous generation. Two AMD FirePro graphics processors with up to twelve gigabytes of video memory, offering a maximum output of seven teraflops, eight times more than the last updated in June 2012 old Mac Pro.

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The design of the power package is exceptional. Apple has managed to fit all the components in a 25.1 x 16.7 inches small, rotating metal cylinder. This is made possible primarily an architecture in which the heat does not accumulate and is derived from a fan like a chimney efficiently upwards. This computer is also very quiet despite its performance. The Mac Pro has six Thunderbolt-2 ports with a bandwidth of up to 20 gigabits per second, which can support a total of six series-connected devices.

The cheapest Mac Pro with quad-core processor, twelve gigabytes of memory and 256 gigabytes of flash memory will cost at least 3000 euros depending on the equipment. With six-core processor, more powerful graphics unit and 16 gigabytes of memory is not to have less than 4000 Euros Apple’s new flagship. In the most expensive configuration, the cool Apple can cost 9600 Euros proud.


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