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Exchange of cooling pump: Astronauts have to get Christmas Eve from ISS - ABC Online

For the first time in 14 years, two astronauts are on Christmas Eve got off to a use on the International Space Station into space: Seven hours took their use – previously there had been problems with a space suit


In Time For Christmas, the International Space Station has received a major new cooling pump. U.S. astronaut Mike Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio up for it on Tuesday for more than seven hours into space from, 60 minutes longer than originally planned. It was only the second outdoor use on Christmas Eve in the history of NASA. “Merry Christmas, thank you guys,” it said in the bottom center, as the duo floated back into the airlock.

The refrigerator-sized device has been successfully started, divided specialist with the U.S. space agency NASA. The full integration into the cooling system should be completed on Wednesday. The old pump was on 11 December failed due to a defective valve, and was removed on Saturday from Hopkins and Mastracchio.

Last astronauts had worked 14 years ago on Christmas Eve in the universe. At the time it came to repairs to the Hubble telescope.


installation attempt failed due to a faulty spacesuit

Pneumatic beating of the pump was initially scheduled for Monday. But after the work on Saturday there was when returning to the ISS problems with Mastracchios space suit, a new suit had to be adapted to him.

The new pump, together with another on an ammonia cycle at the ISS exterior that the equipment for the space station remains cool. After the failure of the old device, the energy consumption in the Russian part of the station had to be cut back sharply to mitzuversorgen the U.S. module. In Japan and in the European part of the ISS half of the systems was turned off.

The complete assembly also made the way for one this Friday (December 27) cosmonauts Oleg Kotov of the planned exit that currently has the command of the ISS, and Sergei Rjasanski. Do you long to install two cameras and renew several experimental devices on the outer skin of the Russian ISS part. Kotov and Rjasanski played outdoor use in their space suits on Monday in a test run.

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