Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Outdoor use on Christmas Eve | ISS astronauts change cooling pump - IMAGE

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24/12/2013 – 23:41 clock

Washington / Moscow – “Merry Christmas, thank you guys!”

That meant it from the bottom center, as the two U.S. astronauts Mike Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio back on board the International Space Station “ISS” came. The men were to be installed on Christmas Eve in the All-outdoor use, a cooling device.

old had on 11 December given up the ghost. A valve inside a pump was defective. The machine, together with another on an ammonia cycle that the equipment for the space station remains cool. Therefore, the replacement had to be built. The operation lasted more than seven hours and that’s 60 minutes longer than originally planned.

With the device, the astronauts have now endowed itself. Recently had astronauts worked on Christmas Eve in space 14 years ago. At the time it came to repairs to the Hubble telescope.

The new pump shall be fully tested in the early hours of Wednesday. If everything works as planned, it will then NASA According to gradually put into operation.

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