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No rides in the historical center of Berlin: Mitte district brakes beer bikes from - Tagesspiegel

clock 20:05 by Ulrich Zawatka-Gerlach and Annette Koegel
Always the cask beer after the bikes are not popular with each photo:.. Thilo Rückeis Click to enlarge Always the cask after. The beer bikes are not popular with everyone. – Photo: Thilo Rückeis

in the historic city center beer bikes have no place more now. The district office center has opened since 11 December restricted drastically.

Around the Alex, Unter den Linden, on Friedrichstrasse, Leipziger Strasse, at the Gendarmenmarkt and Potsdamer Platz are the vehicles with the built-in beer keg, mostly populated with drunken tourists no longer authorized. This is also true for the government district and the Pariser Platz. And because of the heavy traffic just to Müller and lake road.

On the other streets of the district may use the beer bikes only with a permit for the special use of public road Lands be traveling, for Construction Carsten Spallek confirmed on Saturday. This costs the operators who have to file an application for a special use, 50 euros a month, and it will in future also checked whether the fun drivers have the proper authorization.

The district had initially tried using the Senate Department for Urban Development to achieve a berlin-wide scheme for beer bikes, but this was rejected on the grounds that it was a district Handsome problem.

The controversial transport is therefore now treated as an authorization, public events, hot dog stands or abdominal shops. “We focus on relevant court decisions in North Rhine-Westphalia”, Spallek said. The Higher Administrative Court in Münster had 2011, the beer bike slowed down and determined that the affected cities may restrict the rides in space and time in the future legally in the second instance. The reason: It is not a case bicycles or similar means of locomotion, but “rolling event areas serving alcohol.” The Federal Administrative Court upheld the verdict in 2012.

The Berlin operators Ulrich Hoffmann-Alsatian showed surprise on Saturday. He had made an application for the special use mid-year and knew of the new features only from the press. “The Office informed us that we could not handle the request, we should submit the routes, this I have done.” Hoffmann-Alsatian said 95 percent of the bookings came from tourists from abroad, the “natural sightseeing highlights in want to see such a tour of Berlin “. Should not it be possible that it was counterproductive for tourism in Berlin. It may have been at the beginning of four and a half years events – but now would find alcohol tests before every tour instead. In a group of three people would be tested at random, they have more than 0.2 parts per thousand, is it going with non-alcoholic beer or not. Moreover, there are strict rules of etiquette. A driver of beer bikes – he is challenged by the owner – said that many young tourists tours about the stag party so happily through Berlin


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