Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Prosecutor in the sights: Experts take Redtube-warning wave ... - ABC Online

scandal involving mass warnings about retrieval of sex videos on the web the Cologne public prosecutor checks initiate investigations. Currently it is reviewing whether an investigation against unknown persons for false insurance was initiated on oath against the Cologne Regional Court, Attorney General Ulrich Bremer said Tuesday the dpa in Cologne. One thing that is a question of whether a law firm Regensburg have against the Cologne Regional Court gave false information to gain access to user data.

From the warning wave in Germany are affected tens of thousands of Internet users. They were prosecuted because they had allegedly accessed copyrighted adult film on the Redtube.com page. They were asked to pay 250 euros and to certify in writing not to commit the offense again.

The warnings are controversial in several respects. On the one hand, experts doubt that the retrieval of video streams at all is against the copyright law. In addition, the website was not clearly identified as illegal. On the other hand it comes to the question of whether the district court of Cologne was conducted at the release of the connection data hoodwinked. The applications have not made it clear that it related to Internet streaming and not illegal filesharing, say lawyers representing Abgemahnt users. The firm has objected to this assessment.

Furthermore, it is unclear how the copyright owner or the law firm has ever come to the Internet addresses of the Abgemahnt users. Experts do not rule out that it could be explained to computer fraud. Bremer stressed that the prosecution does not check if the user had been cheated. It would apply to insurance against the district court. The test them by virtue of the media reports last week.

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