Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Redtube" warnings The thing could be a dirty trick - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

It was a shameful accusation that had been made in early December several thousand German Internet users: you could have, you wrote the law firm Urmann and colleagues, viewed on the site porn videos, while copyright infringement committed and should sign a cease and desist and pay 250 euros to the holder of the exploitation rights, the Swiss The Archive AG.

your addresses were available from the Registry, because the Cologne Regional Court had ordered at the request of the Prosecutor Daniel Sebastian, Telekom as provider must notify the addresses of users who “cinematographic works” with names like “Amanda’s Secret” should have downloaded. Their IP addresses were allegedly recorded by the company itGuards Inc. by means of a software named “gladii 1.1.3″.

The issue affects not only the user base of such offers. The Abmahnanwälte argue namely, even when buffering, the local buffering when streaming a file, this will be duplicated. Thus, the viewer might even Youtube Videos not be safe from a similar post.

In a first wave of outrage against the new business model of the lawyers swung with, the Regional Court of Cologne you could probably not distinguish between streaming and download. Now experts have viewed the sites of the companies involved in more detail. Clement Kowalski about noticed in his blog that and lie not only in the same hosting provider on the same server, but seem to have been created by the same user. On the software “gladii 1.1.3″ however, lacks any reference. A registered at commentator describes that users could even have been out of the forwarding of a billboard directly to the video.

Should this not a rights owner with hard methods to fight for his right, but a complicated structure have been created only to ask users to checkout, the pay rather than to consult a lawyer? At the Cologne Regional Court, the judge said Christian Hoppe on request, keeps you “in the meantime emerged concerns the correctness of the determination of the IP addresses for remarkable”.

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The thing with the “Redtube” warnings could be a dirty trick

“Redtube” warnings

The thing could be a dirty trick

From Fridtjof Küchemann

Amanda’s secret: In the case of “Redtube” warnings could be a complicated design have been created only to ask users to checkout


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