Saturday, December 21, 2013

More warnings prohibited: Redtube obtains injunction - Heise Newsticker

Porn Streaming Redtube portal has obtained a temporary injunction against the company The archives AG before the Regional Court of Hamburg. The reports the Frankfurter Rundschau. The Swiss company and the Regensburg law firm Urmann & Colleagues It is now forbidden to send additional warnings. Thus, the warnings, the user should commit to a payment of money, have an end. Earlier, the Cologne Regional Court had acknowledged that the right of those concerned may have been violated by the provision of information possessed by the Court.

Alex Taylor, vice president of Redtube, the judgment immediately commented: “This decision is a victory not only for the users of Redtube, but for every person who visits the streaming websites, it is a clear message that the utilization of. personal information and invasion of privacy for purely financial interests will not be tolerated. ” For Redtube is now clear that online users can visit streaming websites without hesitation. A clear case-law, of course, from still.

The firm Urmann & Colleagues had warned in the past two weeks, more than 10,000 Internet users in the post. The users were accused of downloading copyrighted movies from the online portal Redtube. The warnings came on behalf of The archives AG and demanded the Abgemahnt on to pay a fee of 250 Euros and also to sign a cease and desist letter. (raw)

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