Friday, December 27, 2013

Spaceman in outdoor applications unsatisfied with quality of cameras - Cologne Rundschau



Moscow .

In an outdoor deployment around 400 kilometers above the earth two cosmonauts to the International Space Station have suffered a setback when mounting multiple cameras.

The picture quality of high definition devices was not satisfactory, the flight control center in Moscow said on Friday evening with the Interfax news agency, according to. The Russians Sergei and Oleg Kotov Rjasanski thus built up cameras in their round eight hour mission again and brought them back on board. Unscrewing several boxes with experiments was, however, successful, it said.

Rjasanski and Kotov had got until November to a spectacular space walk, as they had in 2014 in Sochi with a torch into space the Olympics. Currently also working on the human outpost, two U.S. astronauts, one Japanese and one other Russian cosmonaut.

It was the third outdoor use on the ISS within a week. Finally, the U.S. astronaut Michael Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio had replaced a defective pump on two assignments in the cosmos. (AP)

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Spaceman in outdoor applications unsatisfied with quality of cameras

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