Monday, December 23, 2013

Lightning burglary on Regent Street: Burglar lawn with car in Berlin Apple Store - ABC Online

series of burglaries of vehicles in Berlin electronics businesses continues: With a stolen car on Monday are several offenders in the Apple Store slumped on the Kurf├╝rstendamm. They raced around 5 clock with a car in the glazed entrance, as the police said on Monday. They then fled with a second vehicle and their prey. How many products they have stolen and the value of those, was still unknown. The Apple Store was opened in May.

was not until 18 December there had been a similar burglary in an electronics store in Berlin-Zehlendorf. On 9 December it hit the mall “Alexa” on Alexanderplatz. Overall, the number of such intrusions summed this year to seven.

police checks whether there is a connection between the acts. “The mode of operandi is the same. The perpetrators go with a stolen vehicle in the shop spaces and bring in a few seconds goods with a high value in itself. Shortly after they are gone, “citing the” Berliner Morgenpost “on its website an investigator. The danger of being caught, was low. “The perpetrators are masked, and no one will dare to stand against them when they race at high speed in a glass front.”

The dips are centrally examined the Metropolitan Police Force. According to police, around ten officers deal with it. The value of the loot in such attacks is often very high. In the case of the “Alexa” was estimated at 100,000 euros.

brazen raid on California Apple Store

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