Friday, December 20, 2013

With "Movfile" and "Retdube": So the Redtube users were diverted secretly - ABC Online

After warning wave against users of the porn website Redtube it remains unclear how the creator The Archive AG has reached the Internet addresses of the Abgemahnt users. This was apparently done in a non legal way, currently suggest various specialized media and follow the appropriate procedure according to indications. Opinions showed that the users were first routed using a script to another website where the respective IP addresses were recorded, reported about the specialist portal “Golem”.

“There are many indications (…) for an approach that extends into the criminal law relevant field and at least the suspicion of computer fraud in commercial scale suggests,” writes “heise online”. Opinions of stakeholders in the forums of “Golem”, “chip”, “H” section and other portals that her computer had been previously redirected when calling the Redtube page on other sites. There probably then access the data were recorded and stored. Then the user should have been redirected to the originally dialed streaming site from Redtube.

copyright infringement without active Contribute?

If true, these reports, it would mean that the rights holder or their “investigators” have purposefully directed German traffic to their fake proxy page concludes “heise online”. There, the IP addresses are recorded and then unsuspecting users have been forwarded to “That they would have generated the alleged copyright infringement without the active involvement of the Abgemahnt itself.”

Last week, tens of thousands of users were warned and been asked to pay 250 euros for the retrieval of Sexvideos of the law firm of U + C. So far, the rightholder did not comment on the question of how the IP addresses of the users had been identified.

prosecutor turns

But momentum is now in the case. For as the “world” reported the Cologne public prosecutor has turned on, to see if in the determination of IPs everything is legal expired. The “world” writes that the Berlin law firm Werder man claims to have learned of males from legal circles that are being investigated in responsible Redtube case. “The prosecution Cologne had become obvious after media reports last week, pay attention to the case and had initiated the investigation,” citing the “world” lawyer John of males.

“If the prosecutors now be determined without ads, it means that here apparently suspected of criminal offenses in the room is,” said of males compared to the “world”. So now the question could be investigated how the company itGuards was unable to determine the IP addresses of thousands of innocent citizens.

So the detour ran to Redtube

The “world” is also characterized by the detour, which the user took to Redtube and refers to postings from users. Had been on the pages of “” and “” led – from the log files from late July to early August is seen that the users of a page called “” – a common distribution circuit for porn seekers . It was from there we went to the actual destination Redtube. “Movfile” and “Retdube” should have been marked with a unique movie-identification number.

Video: warnings due Redtube – as is legal streaming


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