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HTC: Why Android updates so late come on Smartphone -

Android operating system Android operating system

The Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC explains why it takes so long for Android-based smartphones until an operating system update for the end customer arrives. Simply put: Because virtually everyone in the food chain needs to give his OK


Google first

Not less than 12 simple steps must an Android update by running to land at the customer – if it ever gets that far. The first step is that Google updates the operating system. Google states during which the network operators which features will be included in the next Android release. We continue with the Platform Development Kit, short PDK which is provided to the manufacturer-partners. It is used to design the hardware on which the new operating system is to run.

PDK! = source code

This does not mean that Google at the moment already releasing the source code so that, for example, the community can bring out new updates. This happens only after Google announced the update and have publicly after mobile phone and chip makers tested the update and found to be good. Both partners must agree to continue offering the new version from now on. That’s the point, need to develop new driver to the chip manufacturer and should optimize existing ones. This decides which devices are supported. In other words, a smart phone with unsupported hardware, the update will not get – regardless of whether it is technically possible. In addition, this point marked the end of the common update path between the chip and smartphone manufacturers and network operators.

update in its own Android code base incorporated

If the drivers and the list of any possible device are clarified, it is up to the smartphone manufacturers, einzupflegen the update in their implementation of Android. If you want to keep HTC is best that only the graphical interface has been changed, it means that only HTC Sense is installed. Subsequently, the performance of the network operators who want to see integrated, for example, certain apps or services in the firmware comes, a step that does not apply to the Nexus devices


Test, test, test …

Once the procedure is completed up to this point, the result must be tested. One can say that everybody can participate: The smartphone manufacturers, network operators, regulators and once again Google itself Each of them has a right of veto, so may require that a particular change is enforced, where Google’s strongest voice has.

10 Megapixel Infographic

The hanger of this listing for HTC is to educate the customers about the whereabouts of Android 4.4 KitKat. Currently, there are robots, the latest operating system for the SIM lock free HTC one, its developer version and the Google issue. The update for other network operators is still firmly in one of the twelve steps. What is the current status on the U.S. market and even more interesting, which stages an Android update must go through at all, HTC has on the software update web page in a infographic together (engl.). Because of the many steps and branches it falls naturally from something larger.

Short official channels for iOS and Windows Phone

Apple and Microsoft are more introspective regarding their development process. The updates are developed and tested in the company headquarters and need not be adapted to confusing quantities of equipment. For Apple, it is only the still supported iPhones, at Microsoft they are the licensed models. Nevertheless, as both developers themselves to adapt to hardware and do not allow network operators to have a say with veto power, updates can be passed relatively quickly to the user.

App (s) and products for the article

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