Friday, December 20, 2013

WhatsApp milestone: 400 million users per month - WinFuture

Internet & Web Services The popular and always like to as “SMS killer” called news app WhatsApp continues to grow, an end to the soaring does not seem in sight. Currently, the platform comes to 400 million active users a month.

That the popularity still continues unabated, showing in particular the fact that a quarter of the monthly users (MAUs), ie 100 million gained in the last four months could be. That gave WhatsApp co-founder January Koum announced in a blog post. How Koum writes that it had still managed no similar application to come to such a high number of active users

to have you owe the primarily users;. Because they had loud Koum mainly by word of mouth WhatsApp helped in this success, because the provider had even “a single dollar for targeted ads or large marketing campaigns” is output. This issue may be amazing, so the WhatsApp co-founder, as a small company one is still composed of 50 employees, most of them developers there.

Subsequently Koum describes some stories how the app helped people all over the world to stay in touch with others. He also referred to the fact that some doctors in India resort to WhatsApp to send electrocardiograms.

WhatsApp first appeared in 2009, the application is available on all popular mobile operating systems. The app is available for free at first, after a year, however, a monthly fee of 89 euro-cents is payable – this applies only to iOS and Android, Windows Phone owners can still use Whatsapp to 2021 at no additional cost Latest News will be sent about 16 billion messages per day by WhatsApp, new records will establish the application of all probability soon as a particularly large set for Christmas and New Year on the app.

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