Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chaos Communication Congress: Wikileaks calls for intelligence ... - ABC Online

Suddenly she stood on the stage: Sarah Harrison, who accompanied the former intelligence official Edward Snowden, in his flight, is surprisingly occurred during the Chaos Communication Congress


an announced presentation of Wikileaks Julian Assange and activist Jacob Appelbaum Harrison also stepped onto the stage at the Hamburger congress center.

The three activists targeted a distinct appeal to the hackers and computer experts: You should infiltrate intelligence agencies and other institutions and how to make Edward Snowden secret information public


system administrators have enormous power, said Assange via video link from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. The so-called sysadmins manage networks and therefore know the structure of the systems. You should intelligence agencies and companies to join, gather information and make it publicly called for Assange. Even individual system administrators could have a major impact when they released information.

video connection to Assange via Skype broke more than once – so also with the question of how the activists organized the escape of Edward Snowden from Hong Kong. His colleagues on stage joked that probably put the secret behind the faltering video connection. They harvested secure laughs from the audience. Harrison got to the beginning of their performance standing ovation.

She stressed Wikileaks work despite pressure from the U.S. government on. “We are continuing our publications continue,” she said. You can not return to the UK at present for fear of prosecution. “That’s why I stay in Germany.”

to the appearance of Assange had previously also been criticism. Some activists did not find it appropriate to let them speak Assange, while allegations of sexual offenses are more open to him.

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