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Apple accepted from February 2014 optimized only for iOS 7 Apps -

Apple has tightened its guidelines for iOS apps. As of 1 February 2014, developers can submit only applications that have been optimized for iOS 7. The new rule applies for new apps and updates to existing software. This, the company announced on its developer site.

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addition makes the iPhone maker using Xcode 5, the latest version of its developer tools required. It includes 64-bit support and new application programming interfaces (APIs) for running apps in the background.

Apple has always encouraged programmers to support the latest version of its mobile operating system. To this end, it regularly publishes statistics on the spread of new iOS versions. In early December, the share of iOS 7 was 74 percent. iOS 6 therefore runs on 22 percent of all Apple mobile devices. Even older versions have a share of only 4 percent.

TechCrunch suggested that Apple is even more anxious than ever that developers update their apps for iOS 7 because it is “the biggest change in the history of Apple’s mobile software.” Until now, developers decide whether they also offer versions of an App for older iOS editions for download.

“The wording implies that there is more going to the underlying design of Apps at the request and less about their appearance,” writes TechCrunch. “We can one app ‘optimize’, whatever that means, without redesign.” However, development kit (SDK) would be in the new software changed many standard elements of the interface, which is why many apps need to be revised in order to work correctly .

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