Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Streaming warnings: Redtube users deliberately tricked: plot of ... - ABC Online

Since the large-warning wave Redtube Germany has taken arises especially the question of how the abmahnende party came to the IP addresses of the porn watchers. According to the request for surrender of the user data that the attorney Daniel Sebastian at the Regional Court of Cologne submitted, the company itGuards determined Inc. using the software “gladii 1.1.3″ the required data. As reported, it is very likely that the company The archives AG, which owns the rights to the corresponding Porn movies and itGuards belong together – and the porn users have deliberately set a trap


According to the report, which specializes in letterbox companies business Business Filings Incorporated, the company itGuards Inc. in mid-March of this year officially registered. The domain of the company Web site registered the company in this period. At the same time, the Swiss company The Archive AG the domain “” reported on – a web address that redirects to “”


In addition, the domains are on the same web server: “Both Internet sites created using the webpage construction kit and lie on the server with the IP address 216 185 152 151 in the USA. But the similarities go even further: How has found, one can refer to the source code of the websites that they are cared for by the same user account at (user ID 6e689ed3-8d15-44ff-a8eb-7450a760eb8b) . “says the report on

The software has determined the IP addresses of porn seer, remains dubious. The associated web leaves in the dark, making the company actually earns his living. According to the request of the Attorney Daniel Sebastian was “the approach of the software [...] from the law firm Diehl & Partner in the advisory opinion of 22 March 2013 and examined the functionality and accuracy of detection confirmed “- how the program works, the writing leaves open. The District Court of Cologne told the law firm Müller Müller Rößner, which represents more concerned that the software “a range of information, including the IP addresses of visitors to each page offering.” How the program data without access to the Redtube determined server and its log files, but remains unclear.

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