Friday, December 20, 2013

New Mac Pro until February: Apple apparently has delivery problems with new ... - ABC Online

Apple apparently has problems with the delivery of its new Mac Book Pro. This is reported by the technology news site Heise Online. Accordingly, the devices would even delivered later than originally suspected. Heise was out in an earlier message from the fact that the computers would be delivered from January – already so Apple would have missed the Christmas shopping season. The Apple store is currently being displayed but that the professional machines will be shipped until February. An Apple spokesman said the business magazine “Forbes”, the demand for the new Mac Pro is “large”. It will therefore take some time until the supply with demand can keep pace.

Apple had announced this week, already announced in October calculator specifically for professional users stand from Thursday “ready to order”. However, Apple had named in the notice no exact delivery date.

the professional computer there from around 3000 euros

The Mac Pro is aimed at a starting price of 3,000 euros to users who need a lot of computing power about video editing.

Apple’s professional series had several years not fundamentally renewed. The new Mac Pro is designed in a futuristic housing in the form of a cylinder completely new. A specially developed by Apple designer Jony Ive model in red had recently introduced at a charity auction nearly a million dollars for an AIDS project of the U2 singer Bono.

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