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Scientific Study The legend of the virgin birth - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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It is in black and white in a study by the University of North Carolina, published in the prestigious British Medical Journal: “. 45 of the women surveyed a virgin pregnancy” From this result was the team of researchers surprised by the Biostatistikerin Amy Herring itself. “At first we thought it would be a mistake. But it stuck: One of 200 pregnancies was without intimate contact, “Herring told the ORF. The respective subjects claimed to have had no sexual contact until the pregnancy.

pregnancies without fertilization by a male partner are not unknown in the animal world. Many insects, lizards and crabs can produce hormones that stimulate egg cell to divide and mature into such an organism. In humans, this process was not yet observed.

In fact, the scientists also assume that the subjects have not quite told the truth in the survey. Because under the “pregnant young women” are especially many women in their families, it is frowned upon as religious reasons, to talk about sex and contraception.

The team led by Amy Herring also considers it possible that some respondents have used the term “sexual intercourse” misunderstood or that have happened to errors in data entry.

“The questionnaire method always involves some degree of risk,” says Jörn Pons-Kühne, Head of the Working Group of Medical Statistics at the University of Giessen. “The fact that some respondents do not tell the full truth, you can not prevent.” Through clever and multiple questions might scientists but make sure that the answers are plausible. “In science, we prefer measurements, which man can not influence,” said Pons-Kühnemann. “But on certain issues only surveys are just possible.”

virgin births remain so, as they were in the days of Mary: a miracle


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Scientific Study: The legend of the virgin birth

Scientific Study

The legend of the virgin birth

From Thorsten swot

is based not on a Christmas miracle, but also simple biology? According to one study each 200 is Child born in the United States of a virgin – writes the British Medical Journal


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