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30 December 2013 11:55

steering wheel in an Audi – soon with Google software

? (Photo: Press Inform )

tablets, smartphones, glasses – and soon even cars: Google plans seem to cooperate with the German automaker Audi. The on-board computer could continue running with the Android operating system.

Apple for some time working with automakers, now probably attracts Google for. According to information from the Wall Street Journal of the search engine company is planning a collaboration with the German automaker Audi. Here it is a question that entertainment and information systems to run in Audi vehicles in the future with the Google Android operating system.

The plan was to be presented next week at the CES electronics show in Las Vegas. the motion data of cars are interesting for Google. improve the prognosis the map service Google Maps.

Further participants in this alliance is the chip specialist Nvidia. According to the company 4.5 million cars were already equipped with Nvidia processors, over the next four or five years, this number is expected to increase by another 25 million. Also the Nvidia competitor Intel, Qualcomm and ARM want to deliver in the future more chips to automakers.

Android dominates the smartphone market with a market share of around 80 percent last – and Google is testing for some time prototype of a self-driving cars


In cooperation with car manufacturers rival Apple, however, is one step ahead: For some time negotiating the Group, among others, General Motors, Daimler, BMW, deeper integration. The “iOS in the Car” project mentioned is to make the driver the central data center for the iPhone on-board computer of the car.

Apple expects that “a dozen” car manufacturers in 2014 will put on this technology. The Japanese carmaker Honda will soon bring models to the market in which Apple’s Siri voice control can be activated via a button on the steering wheel. Thus, the driver can read aloud text messages and e-mails and dictate the phone messages or calendar appointments – without having to take your hands off the steering wheel

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source and arranger: Süddeutsche.de / dpa / mahu / bbr

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