Monday, December 23, 2013

Redtube: Landgericht Hamburg stops warnings -

More than 10,000 warnings should have the firm Urmann and colleagues now sent on behalf of lawyer Daniel Sebastian. With an injunction now prohibits the Hamburg Regional Court further warning letter to the users of the erotic portal Redtube.

The Hamburg Regional Court has issued an injunction against the sending of warning letter on behalf of the company The archives AG by the law firm Urmann + colleagues. The reports the Frankfurter Rundschau. Redtube had already made a request at the beginning of last week.


“As decided by the court, it is the company The archives AG prohibited from now on, to send warning letters to users of the Internet platform RedTube, in which claims that users have the copyright of The archives AG injured. This applies not only for the named in the sent by the law firm Urmann + colleagues warning letter videos, but for all streaming clips where the company The archives AG copyrights argues, “it said in a statement from Redtube.

The Court classifies the requirements of the company The archives AG as unfounded. The users would likely no reason for assuming that the services offered by Redtube digital content come from illegal sources. The Protalbetreiber reaffirms that were “passed at no time user data, either the IP address or other information to third parties.”

Alex Taylor, vice president of RedTube commented: “This decision is a victory not only for the users of RedTube, but for every person who visits streaming websites. It is a clear message that the use of personal information and the invasion of privacy from a purely financial interests will not be tolerated. “

On Friday, the Regional Court of Cologne had for the second time – taken to the information requests of Attorney Daniel Sebastian on behalf of The archives AG position (PDF) – this time in detail. Your approval by judge of the court had a final warning wave through the Regensburger firm Urmann + Collegen possible because this was so able to behind the IP addresses specified in the requests assigned to holders of the connections when streaming portal Redtube an allegedly copyrighted have retrieved the factory.

Some of the chambers had approved the applications of Sebastian, have now announced that they are “the now surfaced concerns, inter alia, on the correctness of the determination of the IP addresses for considerable hold “and that they” tend to be no longer in their original assessment, hold and pick up or speak out to damage the connection owner was injured in his right hand the decision. “

The judges thus easier to enter words, that they have made mistakes in approving the applications or these tested too superficial or fell for the misleading information provided by the applicant. This had lawyers speculated more than a week before.

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