Monday, December 23, 2013

Practice: Jailbreak for iOS evasi0n 7 in use -

The hacker team has evasi0n released a jailbreak tool for iOS 7. It is available as Windows and OS X version. The jailbreak is compatible to all devices that are operated with Apple’s latest iOS version and remains even after a restart get (untethered jailbreak). The unlocking of devices with iOS 6 is not possible with the tool. Through a jailbreak users get full access to their iOS device and use programs from the alternative app store Cydia Jay Freeman aka Saurik. Saurik is at its publication, however, surprised and points out that most system extension tools that use the Framework Mobile substrates are not currently fully functional. But that is about to change, as can be seen the tweet is the lead developer pod2g soon. The recently published Jailbreak apparently was preceded by a race different developer groups. Financial interests are likely to have been the decisive factor for the present publication. As the evais0n team confirmed it has benefited financially for the integration of chinsesischen App Stores Taig. There has hailed criticism because Taig also offers cracked software. Meanwhile evasi0n has, however, the integration of Taig off.

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