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20 December 2013 08:43

Whatsapp: Facebook mobile only twice as large

(photo: dpa )

How smartphone users send messages? 400 million people now access to Whatsapp. The start-up comes dangerously close to Facebook.

Many want to ask Mark Zuckerberg, and the first pursuers get close to him slowly dangerous. The competition its social network Facebook is getting stronger, at least when it comes to communication on smartphones. The short message service Whatsapp, which is also used images and videos can easily send, announced on the blog All Things Digital, he had 400 million active users. By comparison, Facebook has 874 million mobile users – only about twice as much


And the gap is narrowing. Whatsapp is growing rapidly, the number of users has risen by a third since August. The number of Facebook’s active users grew last year by 18 percent. In four years it has managed to reach a critical mass, such as Facebook in its early phase in the race with other networks Whatsapp: When many friends use the service, registered it rather. Only the one who uses the same program can also communicate about it.

Whatsapp users send according to the company 17 billion messages and 500 million images per day. Under the pressure of small intelligence services, especially Whatsapp, Facebook has already revised his Messenger. Both services are criticized by D atenschützern and IT security professionals because of weaknesses in the protection of privacy.

Whatsapp emphasizes that it is active users in the number of 400 million. This is the number of people who use a service at least once a month – so registered users minus dead files. Because many services blow their statistics with those dead files on.

What apps CEO Jan Koum told the blog All Things Digital: “We have a bit tired and frustrated because people are talking about registered users, we believe that it is important for us as a leader, to open your mouth and ethical. to act. ” The comment aims at competitors Line and Kik Interactive – because that does not break up, how many of their users are “active”

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