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VW exhaust scandal “Diesel is the right technology” – Germany radio

The fact that the EU Commission wants to define real emission tests with new limits, welcomed Langen. But: “The individual components can not conjure up from one day to bring you.” The twelve possible measures cost around 3,000 euros, and would also be available. “That’s why the longer transition period is correct. The limits must be set high, in general,” the CDU politician reiterated its opinion.

Unrealistic test methods were known

For prior testing procedures he said : “The fact that these are no reliable test procedures, everyone has known”. Nevertheless, VW was an exception. The damage caused by the scandal should not underestimate such a long one. “The scandal that secrecy is generally over.” VW had “cheated tough”. However, this is not a judgment against the diesel total, he said. “Diesel is the consumption good, right technology, a technique that you can evolve It is also expensive alternatives.”

The interview in full:.

Mario Dobovisek: Diesel gate: the billionaire manipulation scandal involving the emission values ​​at Volkswagen. Worldwide affected eleven million vehicles. If VW today presents its results for the third quarter, then the consequences will it not play a significant role because of the scandal became known only in the last days of September. Thus, the thick economic end is yet to come. Yet this day is an interesting for the entire automotive industry, because the EU Commission puts pressure and wants to bring new methods for exhaust gas measurements and new limits on the way. In the future, no longer be measured only in the laboratory, but also under real conditions on the road.

On the phone Werner Langen of the CDU. MEP he and the board of the European People’s Party, EPP. Good morning, Mr Langen

Werner Langen:. Good morning, Mr. Dobovisek

Dobovisek:. When we interview yesterday have agreed, you betrayed my colleague that you drive an Audi A6. He has the manufacturer a CO2 emissions of 138 grams per kilometer and is the nitrogen oxides within the limits. Do you still

Langen: Absolutely! Because I drive mostly long distances, is the consumption of less than seven liters, although it is a relatively powerful engine. One must, if one realistically, already see the difference between the test and the road load. The course is the higher, the more one drives it in transport. This is clearly

Dobovisek:. But now with the new tests, the Real Driving emission tests, ie tests on the road everything better, everything transparent


Each knew the unrealistic tests

Langen I do not know. So far, the test result is indeed a prerequisite for admission, not only in Europe but also including the United States. Those who have decided the limits that have decided having regard to the testing procedures. I myself was the first climate change package Rapporteur in the Industry Committee on the subject and had a look at two test facilities of large German companies. There was clear that these are not realistic traffic loads, but that has every known. Based on these more or less laboratory tests and the limits have been established and I can not say that because anyone, as far as the general situation – VW is an exception -, was deceived. One has the so decided as under this test procedure was possible, and as early as 2008 in the climate package we called for in 2017 at the latest new tests under realistic conditions and then the Commission has said, yes, we are ready, but we must in the global scale advance

Dobovisek:. Now, these real tests will come, yes. This is relatively uncontroversial. Controversial, however, are the limits and especially the question of how far these limits may be exceeded. From 60 percent of the nitrogen oxides is because at the moment the speech. That’s the federal government far too little. She calls for more buffer, so to speak. That’s what we just heard from our correspondent. Why the federal government is there so on the brake

Diesel can develop

Langen Because only on the basis of realistic tests also limits can be set. If you change the process, this is relatively straightforward. If we introduce the method from 2009 in general, and then only minimal overruns are possible, then you have in the light of concrete results check the limits.

VW scandal no judgment against diesel total

Dobovisek: Or you have to say simply that Diesel is not the right technology more

Langen. I think that is absolutely wrong. Diesel is consumable. We have been able to significantly reduce CO2 emissions by the diesel. The diesel is a technology that can evolve. This is of course expensive alternatives, clearly. The upgrade to the latest state of the larger vehicles for small vehicles costs an average of just under 3000 Euro. Technologically it is possible. That would, however, then the competitive situation significantly deteriorate and you have to weigh up there. That the diesel should now have no future, which I think is totally wrong and totally unrealistic, especially if you compare that with the US at the VW case. The US has placed on nitrogen oxides, which have significantly reduced more than the Europeans.

We have put on CO2. Our climate policy has been focused on CO2. And while our fleet consumes only 7.5 liters on average, which is in the United States five liter higher. That is, we have only set other priorities. VW has committed there putting a fraud by wanted to achieve the optimum values ​​through their manipulation and have achieved the certification. This is not a judgment against the diesel total

Dobovisek:. But 430 deaths caused by the nitrogen oxide pollution, which your colleague from the European Parliament from the Green Party, Michael Cramer has just been counted in the report from our correspondent that you can not simply wipe yes

Langen. This is everything extrapolations that are not verifiable. Then you can say, we have to prohibit driving in general, because we have in Germany alone 6,000 dead and hundreds of thousands or even more casualties per year

Dobovisek:. Yes please!

Langen This is probably really not. You can for each case for cigarette smoking the same Greens experts have calculated tens of thousands of deaths each year in addition. I think of these calculations at all. Mr. Cramer is known as a lobbyist of the web and of cycling. He always has something about it

Dobovisek:. Mr Langen, just as we can tell, you are known as a lobbyist for the car industry

Langen.: No, the best will not. I’ve been using the car. Car is a sign of mobility, for liberal freedom of choice of the people

Dobovisek:. The automotive industry, she moans. It would cost many billions of euros, new models redesign so that they create the new standards, they say. That is, it is not impossible from the perspective of the industry

Langen: Yes

limits must be high set must

<. strong> Dobovisek: But that also means that we could take quite more money in hand to tear these standards. That is, we must not exceed the limit values ​​

Langen: This is also done so in the end result after a longer transition period. But of course you have to see: both in terms of individual components, you can not conjure up overnight. The need to be produced. Whether the hybrids are whether the lightweight construction is whether the dual-clutch gearbox are whether the variable compression is a thermoelectric generator, all that – there is a list of twelve possible measures that together cost 3000 euros approximately, but also need to be available. That will not happen overnight. Therefore, the longer transitional period is correct, and I think it is also true that one limits in view of the real results verified again and will have to put up in my opinion. In general, not only in the transitional period

Dobovisek:. We can also talk about alternative fuels. That’s nothing new. Toyota makes the front for almost 20 years. Since the German automobile manufacturers have slept apparently

Langen. In addition, you can talk, whether to the hybrid would have been faster progress from the electric car. The German carmaker has placed on the petrol engine and the diesel focus. They have managed to open up significant potential for reducing consumption and reductions achieved. That’s so, that’s the fact. Customers are demanding indeed – that must also be seen in exchange for the reductions – bigger and heavier cars. This also leads to more consumption. And the Germans were obviously close to the customer’s wishes, otherwise they would not have been as successful

Dobovisek:. Let’s look at the decision-making process on. This is now a technical committee of experts at the European Commission. Which picture is the one for you from when such decisions are taken behind closed doors

Langen: The result will be communicated yes, advise. The question of whether one technical instructions, may cause technical negotiations open on the Internet that arises in many other questions. I think that is wrong and exaggerated. One must be able to discuss the details. The result is discussed openly. We will discuss it in the European Parliament. Yesterday we decided our ideas to a large majority on almost all fractions of time. The Greens were against it, is clear. The increasingly demanding maximum solutions that are not affordable for the common man and then they may not use it yourself. We are there to keep an eye on it and I think, for the scandal which secrecy is generally over. The fact that technical preparations can not be made on the open market is a normal outcome of negotiations

Dobovisek:. of reputational damage for the brand “Made in Germany How big is because “Overall, has the VW done with his manipulation

Langen: The must not be underestimated, because in the US, the limit values ​​for NOx, nitrogens are considerably lower, and VW has advertised with extremely clean diesel and it has given this story a real fraud by having manipulated the emissions test. This is not acceptable, this is a criminal operation. This is only possible in a company that is representative of the so-called Rhineland capitalism, in which the participation is also may be used to cover up things

Dobovisek:. The CDU -Politiker Werner Langen, Member of the EU Parliament. Thank you for the interview

Langen. Thank you. Goodbye!

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