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Manipulated Software: Volkswagen went the nozzle – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Volkswagen it is technically indeed appeared to have failed in 2006, with its new engine in the applicable limit value for nitrogen oxide America (NOx) to be observed. The place of the search F.A.Z. close – and the history is interesting. Because the company had sales of vehicles with diesel engines in America set in 2005, because the future emission limits could not be reached with the then existing technology.

 Holger Appel Author:. Holger Appel, editor-in business, responsible for “Technology and Motor”

The reason: Volkswagen had long put on the favorite of Ferdinand Piëch pump-nozzle injection system, which shone with low consumption, but a noticeably rougher combustion had a disadvantage – and above all to miss the, future limits. In other words: While other automakers already produced models with diesel engines after the more promising common-rail system, Volkswagen was in a technical dead end road. Audi had already such a working six-cylinder finish, it is a four-cylinder for the Group should now be deduced that the engine, which makes today as EA 189 headlines.

2007/08 carried out the re-entry with diesel engines in the US market , and the main argument for the in principle there should be unpopular engine be economical use of fuel. In fact, VW managed an unrivaled low consumption, but got the nitrogen oxide emissions by technical means did not seem to handle.

The SULEV standard was not the goal

The question of what kind the emission control should be used, was one of the cost, but it was also about whether the plug-in end still in its infancy SCR technology with urea solution (AdBlue) is suitable for mass production. Finally, this solution, which is injected with the fuel needs to be replenished regularly. Only the authorized workshops – In the first few years were to – especially in Europe. Meanwhile the second, provided with blue lid filler neck is standard modern diesel according to the currently valid and rigorous standard Euro 6. AdBlue is now available at gas stations.

VW decided on 189 for waiving the EA SCR technology and built a simpler, lighter and cheaper NOx storage catalytic converter. The needs to be burned off regularly in everyday use, to the detriment of consumption, and it is less effective. In Europe, after the now expired standard Euro 5 certified new engine initially short time came in the first Tiguan, in America later in the Jetta. Officially he made there that his time in force and stringent than in Europe designed standard bin 5 Lev II. The SULEV standard sharper was apparently not such meantime presumed target of efforts.

must Unofficially technicians become clear be that the limit will be missed. Then someone must have decided to manipulate the motor control. Two maps were programmed: one for the test, one for everyday use. The program consists of millions of data, the Code was obviously good at hiding.

VW makes public and customers in the dark

That was previously plays a basic software from Bosch, is no obstacle. It must be activated when the vehicle is put to the test, because otherwise about the sensors for the brake intervention (ESP) go crazy when they realize that the front wheels turn on the roller dynamometer while the rear wheels resting. When and how the legal software was replaced by manipulated, is unclear. Deployed it is at the very end of the production process, at the end of the tape, the engine control units “flashed”.

Why even European cars have been manipulated, where but in this country were higher limits, is still nebulous. Either the motor did not reach these, or the software has been used by the proviso: If we have time, we use them up. Finally, low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions are at higher power everywhere as a selling point. Industry experts point out that the software had to be countersigned for acceptance at the factory to the appropriate protocol in any case by two persons. On the way to the normal quality assurance procedures, it must therefore be easily possible to find out who bear the responsibility for the use of the software.

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This could be a crucial clue. After all, who what when knew is still under investigation. For VW engines at the time was in charge Rudolf Krebs, who was replaced before the launch by the have come from Audi Wolfgang Hatz. The most recently Chief Development Officer of Porsche and has been relieved of his duties. The responsibility of after information of the magazine “Auto, Motor und Sport” at removal drive of the EA 189 (1.6 and 2.0 TDI) engine were in South Africa personally tested Ferdinand Piech as supervisory board chairman, Bernd Pischetsrieder as CEO and Wolfgang Bernhard as head of the VW brand. Bernhard again changed before the launch of the engine to Daimler.

In January 2007, Martin Winterkorn took over the Presidency Group, Ulrich Hackenberg was Chief Development Officer. Among them, the engine in Europe in 2007 and 2008 in North America was introduced. Hackenberg was previously Head of Development at Audi and is also on leave. Meanwhile, the last week to reigning VW development chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser is optional and has been replaced by Volkmar Tannenberger.

Official confirmations exist for all or only partly. Fearing lawyers, the Group is still showing hardly any information out and accepts the fact that the public and customers continue to grope in the dark.



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