Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Media companies need more technology experts – THE WORLD

Munich (dpa / lby) – The media companies in Bavaria have too few employees with technological expertise. This resulted in a study commissioned by the Association of Bavarian Industry. Their CEO Bertram Brossardt now sees the State Government on train: “We need to expand the technology-related programs of the Free State on media companies and promote co-operation with related industries.” Technically-oriented courses and training programs should be strengthened

” The digital start-ups, we also need to catch up, “warned Brossardt. “Therefore, it is essential to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture.” The Bavarian media sector remain successful only if he used the potential of digitization.

The study, entitled “Media in Bavaria 2015 – Trends for the further development of the digital media industry” developed at the Institute of Economics computer science and New Media at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Around 100 decision-makers from media companies were interviewed for it. Great action they saw thus in promoting technological competence of graduates and employees.

The Munich Media Days, beginning on Wednesday, dealing with the issue , Under the motto “Digital Disruption – We make media future success” are planned at the International Congress Center Munich, around 90 events with 450 speakers

Programme Media Days

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