Friday, October 16, 2015

“Key Account”: This technology Yahoo will see the end of a password – t3n Magazine

“Account Key”: This technology Yahoo will see the end of the password, a

Those who constantly forgets his password, is in good hands now from Yahoo Mail. The company verifies the access in the future via the smartphone.

New access to Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has undergone a relaunch its mail service, and the most important change here is probably the abolition of the password prompt. Instead, the service is now a solution called “Key Account” a

This is how the new access. When you access Yahoo! Mail, the system sends after entering the e-mail address a notification to the associated phone. There, the user can then confirm whether he has requested access to the mail client or not. On the mobile screen is visible, what device and browser the request comes.

How the & # x201E; Key Account & # x201C; -Anmeldeprozess to Yahoo Mail . (Photo: Yahoo)
So the works” Key Account “-Anmeldeprozess to Yahoo Mail. (Photo: Yahoo)

Password-free future

The “Account Key” makes loud Yahoo not only the login process more efficient because instead of entering a password only one click is necessary. The new system is, according to the developers also safer than the traditional password query. Without the verification on the smart phone access to Yahoo Mail is no longer possible.

The Sign on the smartphone is now available to Yahoo Mail and will be introduced later this year for other apps. The company referred to the “Key Account” as “another step in the password-free future”.

New to Yahoo Mail is also that the client for Hotmail, AOL and accounts used can be.


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