Saturday, October 10, 2015

IBM brings more Linux server with Open-power technology – Datacenter Insider

IBM has new Linux server announced the data analysis workloads can perform than comparable x86-based servers more quickly and cheaply: “Power Systems LC” for Big Data and Cognitive workloads. A “Click to Buy” -Kaufoption to ensure rapid server deployment.

The Power Systems LC server have been developed based on technologies of Open Power Foundation partners, including Canonical, Mellanox, Nvidia , Tyan and Wistron. The organization with more than 150 members worldwide, developing technology based on open architecture “IBM Power” processors. This open and cooperative model enables faster innovation than in the past.

The LC server make the high performance of the Power-CPUs the Linux community available, in particular for data analytics, cloud and high performance computing. For example, such a server typical “Apache Spark” workloads, such as the analysis of Twitter feeds, streaming Web page views, and other data-intensive analyzes afford for less than half the cost of a server on “Intel E5 2699 v3 “processors based, says IBM. In addition, the efficient design of the Power Systems LC server allows approximately twice the amount of Apache Spark social media workloads in the same rack-volume as comparable Intel-based servers.

For this purpose, says Doug Balog, general manager IBM Power Systems: “The use of an open innovation model has allowed us to build systems that make this possible. By working with partners from the Open Power Foundation, the new server line provides customers with the performance they need to analyze their data in real time. “

This tells the users

Allegiant Air, an American low-cost airline, is one of the users who are running Linux on IBM Power Systems to analyze data. The airline is thus able to immediately analyze customer behavior on its website. The company is looking here for trends such as price sensitivity to quickly adapt its offers and can make on-the-spot-promotional offers that can help to transform a potential visit to the page in a purchase.

“All companies are faced with growing volumes of data,” Brian O’Neil, director of Data Architecture says at Allegiant Travel. “The question is, how to analyze and what they do with the results. With the solution based on Linux, and IBM Power Systems, we were able to read valuable information from a number of data sources, so that we can act more quickly and efficiently than ever before. “

Three Linux servers are part of the Power Systems LC-line

Still Available this year, the Power Systems LC-line is offered in three versions: the “Power Systems S812LC” and “Power Systems S822LC” for commercial computing, and as “Power Systems S822LC” for High Performance Computing.

S812LC is a 1-socket 2U system with up to ten cores, 1 terabyte of memory, 115 gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth and up to 14 hard drives. This is Linux system for memory and storage-heavy workloads such as Spark and Hadoop to enable quick insight with high efficiency.

The 2 socket, 2 Unit Power System S822LC for commercial and high -performance computing is equipped with up to 20 nuclei, 1 terabyte of memory and 230 Gigabyte per second memory bandwidth. The model for high-performance computing also has two integrated “Nvidia Tesla K80″ GPU accelerators. The two S822LC variants offer more than twice the performance per core, a forty percent better value for money and more than twice the memory bandwidth (with fully configured storage) compared to similarly configured x86-based E5-2699 V3 machines.

New online food ordering for simpler server purchase

IBM provides in the new systems and a new customer ordering via Internet or Mobile Device. Developers, small and large companies, this step enables a simplified way to acquire power systems.

In the course of this year is a click-to-buy option customers expected to allow to acquire the new systems in the network using a credit card. This new route is supplemented by the global network of IBM Business Partner, so that customers can work with IBM Business Partners to create customized solutions.


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