Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oculus Rift: Oculus VR is interested in Augmented Reality – the technology … – 4Players Portal

Oculus VR is already planning for the distant future, because as manager Brendan Iribe are against Develop understanding of the Rift manufacturer’s developers also have the Augmented Reality (AR) in view. To market appropriate equipment it will, however, take some time: “[AR] is currently in a similar situation, in which VR decades was” so Iribe. The CEO compares the state of development of AR technologies with the 80s, in which Steve Jobs dreamed of one day to hold a Mac in your hands and listen to music.

Augmented Reality differs from Virtual Reality (VR), that users appropriate appliances not dive into an artificially created world. Instead, a computer program created graphics on the real world – “augmented” means “extended”. For eyeglasses or similar devices, such as Google or Microsoft’s Glass HoloLens are usually needed.

These glasses prevent loud Iribe currently that Augmented Reality is suitable for mass production. After all, very few people would like to walk around in everyday life with such a spectacle. Only when AR is integrated so in glasses or elsewhere, that people do not feel like “cyborgs”, the technology would be interesting for the majority of the people.

The advantage of VR headsets is the fact that you not have to worry about doing what you look like with such a down the street. Besides that, were up AR technologies integrated in portable form, it would not last, according Oculus boss as long as the Virtual Reality needed to market

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