Friday, October 30, 2015

Even splitting of HP: The problems of the new technology … – Wirtschaftswoche

Michael Kroker

From 1 November to the PC and printer business HP Inc. and the IT company Hewlett Packard Enterprise march as separate companies. What changed thereby – and what is not.

time it had demanded analysts times it had planned a former CEO and then again rejected: We’re talking about the splitting of the ailing American IT giant Hewlett-Packard (HP).

since the end of 2011 incumbent HP chief Meg Whitman is at the announced over a year ago self-destruction now before the final step: With effect from 1 November, the group divides into two parts – almost exactly along the dividing line between retail and corporate business

Under the name of Hewlett Packard. Enterprise operates in the future the entire IT portfolio with server and storage hardware, enterprise software and IT services towards. The new company began last year around 55 billion dollar – that’s pretty much half of the total Group in 2014 with $ 111.5 billion. CEO of the new IT giants, the previous HP-total-head Whitman.

In the other half of the HP Inc. somewhat larger residual, ie especially the PC and the printer remains -Business and mobile devices and scanning solutions. On the post of HP CEO then puts Dion Weisler, previously head of the so-called Printing and Personal Systems Group within HP.

Technically speaking, the division carries out a so-called spin-off, the means: On Monday each HP shareholder will receive one share in Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Meg Whitman will be present in person on Monday on Wall Street and ringing the bell honored for IPO.

The most popular printer manufacturers in the world

  • Place 5

    market share: 5.1 percent

    Source: Statista / IDC, Stand: 2013

  • Place 4

    market share: 7.3 percent

  • Place 3

    market share: 13.9 percent

  • Place 2

    market share: 20.7 percent

  • # 1

    Hewlett Packard
    market share: 39, 9 percent

From then you scaled baby under the symbol “HPE” on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) will be listed on the stock exchange list.

With this final step, the now almost 76-year history of HP ends up as an integrated technology company. Certainly there are good reasons for the two individual companies, now to march separately. On the other hand there was the reverse direction also for keeping the various divisions under one roof.

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