Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Blitzer against exhaust-Doping / Remote Sensing technology measures exhaust emissions … – Presseportal.de (press release)

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Blitzer exhaust against doping. Remote Sensing technology measures flue gas values ​​in million vehicles on the road. Remote Sensing Device (RSD5000) Further text by ots and www.presseportal.de/nr/118404 / The use of this picture is free of charge for editorial purposes. In many US states and numerous other countries – “obs / Opus Inspection …

Cologne (ots) : Please quote the source is acknowledged . Remote Sensing long for many years in use Mobile Remote Sensing Device (RSD) measure the exhaust emissions in everyday road traffic – mostly by the driver unnoticed

The captured data is then by vehicle make, model and engine version, built. evaluated and other parameters and analyzed separately. Differing exhaust emissions that occur through manipulation or other reasons, can be determined as quickly, comprehensively and efficiently.

Already in March this year warned scientists because of reports the measurement results of the last year increased NOx emission levels in the 2-liter diesel vehicles by Volkswagen and Audi, the drive on American roads since 2009 (New York Times, October 1st 2015).

For the purposes of an optimized consumer and environmental protection, there are indications Remote Sensing technology in the future to establish itself in Germany. The field-proven mobile RSD devices are available, relatively inexpensive and provide a useful complement to the existing test methods are: In addition to the type checking in the laboratory and the regularly prescribed exhaust check in periodic roadworthiness testing, remote sensing allows a comprehensive review and analysis of the exhaust behavior of all vehicle series in traffic; and thus provides timely sure that affairs like the current VW exhaust scandal be avoided in the future.

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