Thursday, October 1, 2015

Technology: Google and Microsoft end patent dispute – ZEIT ONLINE

Microsoft and Google about 20 court discharged disputes in the US and Germany have ended. The focus was, inter alia, the interim Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility. Motorola wanted money for patents relating to the Microsoft Xbox game console. Microsoft tried, in turn, keep some features of Motorola smartphones. It was also about the widespread Google’s Android operating system.

Google Motorola in 2012 had purchased and resold to the PC maker Lenovo last year, but he still retains the patents.

The two sides did not say anything about the terms of the agreement , about whether this money is flowing in either direction. Google and Microsoft now want to work together on some patent issues, as the company has announced rushed.

Among other things, the two companies intend to cooperate in the development of a royalty-free technology for video compression, reported the Financial Services Bloomberg. Google already working on it together with the streaming service Netflix and Amazon-operators. In addition, the two companies want to share so-called patent trolls life difficult. So companies are named, whose business model is to buy up patents and thus to demand money from business, to use the appropriate technologies.

The dispute between the two technology groups lasted for years: Microsoft had selectively manufacturers of Android devices made and finished with them separate patent agreements, so that the software group of the success Android platform also benefited financially. Motorola resisted any royalties, was sued by Microsoft in 2010 and sued back.

Recalling the conflict shifted even Microsoft 2012 Logistics Centre of North Rhine-Westphalia in the neighboring Netherlands. The Windows giant feared that devices such as the Xbox can get stuck after a court decision in favor of Motorola in the German camp. Microsoft took the meantime in a suit in Germany and the map service Google Maps targeted.

In recent years,

even more sharply than the conflict of Google and Microsoft was the patent dispute between the smartphone market leaders Apple and Samsung. Except for the US, he has now also finished. Again, it was in essence to functions of Android.


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