Thursday, October 8, 2015

Technology for the future – extra-Funds


Now also Microsoft blended with innovative products on the market. Investors do not have to choose between Microsoft or Apple. A technology index may be the solution.

With its new notebook Microsoft has convinced the critics. As a serious competitor for Apple’s premium devices designate a technology journalist, the Surface-Book from Microsoft. To the top dog changed in PC operating systems, its strategy and sets even more than before on Hardware . Until now, you had to leave the field to the classic manufacturers. Today Microsoft believes that a combination of hardware and software customer best satisfied. According to this principle also Apple, Amazon and Google to go ahead and have in turn strengthened and hardware on offer. The response to Microsoft’s strategy pivot shows that the market for hardware, software and Internet services increasingly concentrated in the hands of the Big Four.

broadly diversified to target

Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon have different orientations, but one goal: the dominance in labor and consumer electronics. Investors can now begin to believe in one of these four companies especially. In fact, many customers have chosen a supplier. However, what makes customer-view sense, must still be no single solution to investors. While we certainly can proceed subjectively when choosing equipment, is the subjective perception in the choice of investments is not always better cleaning service t. Since no one today can predict which companies of the Big Four in ten years has the edge, investors should invest diversified

Set on the progress -. This ETF

The index Nasdaq 100 contains the most important technology companies in the United States. In addition to the big four stuck to classics such as Intel or Cisco in the index. set up so investors benefit from every technological innovation. No matter what product is best with the customers – who buys the Nasdaq 100, benefited from it. The Lyxor ETF UCITS (FCP) NASDAQ-100 (WKN: 541 523) is the Nasdaq 100 almost one-to-one. Currently, 383 million euros have been invested. In the current year the index only brought a return of 1.6 percent, but this is due to the recent price capers primarily. The total expense ratio is 0.3 percent.

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