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ThyssenKrupp launches MAX: Maximum efficiency in cities with IoT technology … –

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MAX <- - sh_cad_2!> ThyssenKrupp presents before a groundbreaking preventive service and maintenance solution can be reduced by half with the downtime of existing and new elevators. Elevators send their data to the cloud in the future and give the Service Department an overview of the current status. In real time, the systems send information about needed repairs, the replacement of components and enable proactive maintenance system.

Currently, twelve million elevators carry a total of one billion people per day worldwide. Thus, the elevator is the most used and at the same time most secure transport in the world. Overall, however, these lifts are 190 million hours out of service due to downtime. With MAX ThyssenKrupp addresses precisely this: The downtime should be reduced by half.

“We want to set new standards in our industry put” comments Andreas Schierenbeck, CEO of ThyssenKrupp Elevator, the latest innovation. “The elevator industry is characterized by proven technology for decades. Today’s cities need urgently innovative technologies to tackle future challenges of urbanization. We are proud of our collaboration with Microsoft. The company will accompany ThyssenKrupp in the digital age, and with us the Service revolutionizing of elevator systems. ”

MAX collects based on the Microsoft Azure IoT services in real-time data of networked elevators from ThyssenKrupp. Using algorithms will calculate the remaining service life of important systems and components. Around 20,000 technicians and engineers from ThyssenKrupp get with MAX now a reliable partner who provides information in advance when components must be repaired or replaced. In a networked with MAX building the waiting time for elevators decreases noticeably. For passengers, this means less stress, extra comfort and more time for the important things.

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