Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hospital Singing invested in new technology – SÜDKURIER Online

for 1.5 million euros is aimed the house a new treatment center for cardiac patients. That should solve the existing capacity problems -. And patients with cardiac arrhythmia no longer need to go to Freiburg or Bad Krozingen

has Singen Hospital in new technology for the treatment of heart patients invested. The house has set up a second left catheter measuring station. At the new cardiac catheter measuring station patients can now be optimally treated with cardiac arrhythmias. “Until now had to drive with these symptoms to Freiburg or Bad Krotzingen patient. Now we offer for the local people here cutting-edge medicine to, “said District Administrator Frank Hämmerle would be.

And because you need for this high-performance device for a specialist, one has with Stefan Asbach (41) is equal to a set. “The health network is a very attractive employer”, Asbach, who has already discovered his penchant for Rhythmology while studying and it is specially designed said. “In the studies we can provoke arrhythmia to find the cause and points equal to obliterate accordance with the patient,” said Asbach.

, this device while the patient is anesthetized locally, fine electrode catheter out of the bar above the vein to the heart. The electrophysiological study then shows where the origin of the arrhythmia is located. In warm yellows of the room is maintained with the new cardiac catheter measuring station because the patient should feel comfortable in the investigation.

Since the beginning of August, the second measurement space is now available. But the hospital has invested 1.1 million euros, again 380 000 euros were added for the conversions. Commissioning is scheduled for Peter Fischer of the Hospital’s management is also a success of the hospital group, because without these was this major investment have been impossible. The new treatment center makes itself already in daily clinical practice noticeable. After almost two months of continuous operation at two cardiac catheter measuring stations investigating figures were increased from previously up to 20 patients per month on now up to 44 patients per week, reported Marc Kollum, chief physician of the 1st Medical Clinic. This means that the time spent has declined by an average of one and a half days.

20 years ago had the Singener Hospital, then along with a private practice, a cardiac catheter measuring station, which was replaced in 2011. But the number of patients that are treated here, rose sharply, it increasingly came to capacity constraints lately. “We stayed there last appointments between 7.30 and 22 clock forgiven,” said CEO Peter Fischer. More than 1,200 patients per year are now in stationary applications in the cath lab supervised

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