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A little insight into the technology of the “Back to the Future” – shoes – Mobilegeeks

Probably you already read it 100 times and maybe even shared. Next year, geek dreams come true, because Nike brings the self constricting shoes from the movie “Back to the Future Part II” on the market. “Yes Vera, and why do you bring this now again ne News?”, You will you now certainly ask. Quite simply because it is much too cool to not to do it

 2015 Nike MAG GIF1_large

Many things that are shown in the film, there is not yet, however, a few already. Here you can read about our contribution to it. The self-constrictive shoes were presented by Nike October 21, 2015 the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown should invite us. As a first course you could try on himself the leading actor Michael J. Fox. He even received a handwritten letter from the Nike designers Tinker Hatfield.

But I do not want you bored with things that can already read on thousands of websites you anyway. I want to say me with the technology behind or better deal in the shoe. After a bit of research, I came across some pictures that describe the whole thing well. The mechanism was already on July 8, 2014 patentiert.Im essentially every shoe in the sole includes a motorized system in which the tapes are wound onto the spool. The system consists of two separate parts to the foot and ankle.

The first thing you notice in the pictures, the many figures, anything to explain the system to all. According to legend, I’ve been looking for, but I’m finally found a suitable one. We see at the bottom of the self-lacing system (Fig. 13, 122), there is the belt-moving mechanism (1202) in a cavity (1287) within the sole. There is especially the small engine (1230), which drives a small drive shaft (1232) with two gears (1240 and 1242). The gears transmit the force to two belt (1250 and 1252), leading to the laces (111 to 114) and then also move on.

However, since not only pull the laces automatically, but also the ligaments around the ankle, we also have a private system. The upper part of the Nike Mag (Fig. 22, 124) has a mechanism (2222), which lies behind the Achilles tendon. It is wound a coil spring (2204) by a small rod (2232), which draws ultimately on the ankle strap (150). The tape remains by a locking mechanism (2299) in place

The two Zuschnür systems are set automatically after the weight has been detected by a sensor in the heel (Fig. 17, 1606). Both mechanisms are connected to the central control of the boot (1650) and for the individual adaptation it is manual controls (Fig. 10, 1004). The Green button to tighten the belt, the red to the belt to loosen again. Both are attached to the outside and light up when the Nike Mag is firmly laced. nikemag2-1940x909

I find the technology easy decided excellent location behind the shoes. Nike has probably developed the system for athletes, so that they have a better grip in the shoes and not simply absorbed the Schnüersenkel. Unfortunately, there will be the Nike Mag only in limited circulation, which then will auction off early next year, the company. The proceeds will go to the Parkinson Foundation of Michael J. Fox. So folks – catch the best already times to save;)

Source: Forbes and sneaker news


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