Monday, October 5, 2015

Innovative technology for home – Oberpfalz network

05/10/2015 | Network Code: 4749029

Simultaneous electricity and heat generating fuel cell heating system

fluctuations in electricity production from wind or solar energy, climate change and rising energy prices have the development of innovative technologies for simultaneous, distributed generation of heat and electricity accelerated.

This includes fuel cell heating appliances that lend themselves with high electrical efficiencies particularly suitable for use in single-family house newbuildings, in refurbished existing buildings with low heat demand.

The use of the current self-generated in-house reduces the reference expensive electricity from the public grid. As decentralized electricity generators make fuel cell heating appliances in smart grids (Smart Grids) also contribute to the relief of the power grids. Not least, also benefits the environment by this technology. When comparing the CO2 emissions of the new devices with those of gas-fired condensing boilers, the values ​​by 30 per cent niedriger.Um are also on particularly cold days to ensure a convenient heat supply, it is advisable to integrate a gas boiler in the system, a system, which is offered on the market.

This turns off automatically when needed to, so hot water can be provided for bathing and showering even in a short time. The entire fuel cell heating unit is installed in the basement or utility room and needed there an area of ​​only 0.65 square meters.

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