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benefits of NFC technology

         NFC technology can protect against data theft.

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What are the benefits NFC technology for business? Is it worth the time and access control systems to this technology switch? Here are two main advantages of NFC mentioned: the shorter range and hence the higher security


Since 2008, NFC-enabled smartphones in the market. The special feature in comparison to other available in smartphones transmission technologies such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, is that the device must be held at a distance of a few centimeters to the time recording or access terminal so that a transfer can take place. Thus, a great advantage for data security results in the company: The transmission can function without contact, but it can hardly be tapped externally. Possible offenders would approach a few centimeters to spy the employee data.

The smartphone is always with you

Another argument for the use of NFC-enabled smartphones for time attendance and access control is that most people anyway constantly carry their smartphone with you. The personnel department must therefore exhibit no separate smart card. Also, the device loss is less common in smartphones than with smart cards, key fobs or other previously used for time management media.

Many smart phones with Android technology, as well as Linux and Windows Phones and the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch are now equipped with an NFC module. The technique works in passive mode even when the phone is turned off or the battery is empty. In this way, the employees do not have to live with high battery consumption and may even gaining access to the company if their mobile phone is once fully discharged. Made

visitor management easy

Another advantage of the NFC technology is the simplified visitor management: When Visitors or service providers are preserved an access authorization for specific departments or meeting rooms, this is over NFC-enabled smartphones simple as possible on the separate issue of a visitor’s pass. The data can be sent easily via e-mail. So it is possible that service providers give temporary access rights for certain areas in the short term via their mobile phone.

The downside: Not all smartphones are suitable

A weak point remains to date, however, the fact that rarely come all employees with company phones and that not all smartphones are NFC-enabled. For example, the NFC capability lacking in older models like the Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. However, it is possible to bridge this through an app-based solution. In this version, however, is the question of cost: create applications that run on the SIM card of the phone – depending on the mobile provider – usually with every use costs.

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