Friday, October 30, 2015

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the autopilot f u r the Tesla S go ö rt one of the most prestigious projects of the electric car manufacturer from the United States. Now Tesla has, where the Group’s vehicles are sold by almost all L like change, gr u nes light f u r imp u guide art. Tesla boss Elon Musk gave the glad tidings promptly known u via Twitter. Germany also has the introduction of the u agreed to guide the autopilot. Only in Japan is a decision still pending. The technology k ö might develop into a milestone of the company’s history.

In the future, a tap on the turn signal lever sufficient and the Tesla S will change selbstst like constantly track. Dar u About, the autopilot automatically adjusts the speed to the traffic situation. And when it u pfelchen top of the car detects even a free Parkl u blocks, in which it is standalone like einparkt constantly. The full automation makes a clever interplay of front camera, radar and ultrasonic sensors m ö was like. Nat u rlich the driver can at any time intervene in the process.

Even manufacturers like Daimler, BMW or Audi t u fteln already l ä nger on a comparable technology. Maybe you Tesla now the crucial Nasenl like length ahead to get started validly in Germany and other major M like markets final u . The owners of Tesla vehicles k ö can be possible to install the autopilot together with an update of the software. However k ö is the proud price f u r

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