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IRW-PRESS: Destiny Media Technologies Destiny Media Inc .:
 Technologies are six patents granted for JavaScript-video and
 Watermarking technologies known

Destiny Media Technologies are six patents granted for
 Javascript-video and watermarking technologies known

Vancouver, BC – October 26, 2015 – Destiny Media Technologies (TSXV:
 DSY) (OTCQX: DSNY) today announced new additions to its considerable
 Patent portfolio known. These patents can be broadly into three
 Categories classify:

. 1 Pioneering Clipstream® streaming technology developed by
 Javascript for decoding and playback of video use

. 2 Patented watermarking technology, which is inaudible and
 analog reproduction withstands

. 3 MPE media locking system

The company is currently developing a number of applications around
 the Clipstream® technology including cloud services,
 a programming interface for integration in the offer
 Third and new support for the promotion and
 Market research industry.

When we in 2010 with the work on our new breakthrough
 Clipstream® technology began, seemed the obstacles
 insurmountable because Javascript never as full programming
 was thought so Steve Vestergaard, CEO of Destiny. Lacked
 adequate support for the requirements, storage management and
 Multithreading. Direct access to the CPU or memory, graphics
 and sound chips did not exist or was slow. The benefits were
 but so convincing that we stayed on the ball and we now
 have a sound playback engine, where our
 Innovations are now rewarded with intellectual property rights

Mr Vestergaard further. We are pleased with the feedback from the
 Patent offices and our official patents granted around the
 Globus very satisfied because we about a dozen companies and
 Groups have been identified, in our opinion after our
 Infringe patents. The replication of our inventions five years
 following its development is indeed flattering and demonstrates the
 Demand for such procedures; However, we are exploring our
 Ways to protect and assert our right, the
 to be the only company that our patent protected
 Uses technology.

In August 2011, Destiny filed a provisional patent application
 for its innovative prototype process one that Javascript to be
 Decryption proprietary video content served. This resulted in a
 Number of advantages, including the encrypted file was
 cross-platform and promising. Since this method
 is software-based, new functions can be added easily
 will immediately reach all modern browsers. Based on
 This provisional application requested the company
 Finally, seven US patents and international patent (Patent
 Cooperation Treaty Application; PCT) which is finally to a
 Patent application in Europe and twelve applications in other
 PCT member countries led.

Now a patent in South Africa was (2014/01618, January 28, 2015)
 a patent in Singapore (no. 201 008 775 28 April 2015) and two
 Patents in the US (no. 9,137,567, September 15, 2015 and Nr.
 9143826, 22 September 2015) issued. For the third and fourth
 Patent application in the US, the company now called
 Notices of Allowances received; the official patents are in
 Soon be granted. With respect to the remaining three
 Patent applications in the US, the US Patent and Trademark Office, explained that
 many of the claims are determined to be patentable or allowable.
 Destiny currently brings arguments for reconsideration of
 remaining claims out or changes its applications

The company has furthermore a unique and valuable
 Watermarking method developed that self-analog
 Duplication, filtering, data format conversion and downsampling
 withstand and in contrast to other technologies completely
 is inaudible. This makes it possible, and illegally published
 copied content to the source trace. Combined with
 This watermarking technology, the company has four patents in
 the United States requested, three of which were now granted, and this has
 Technology also protected in many other countries over patents.
 Canadian patent was recently issued (no. 2682926, 13.
 October 2015). Corresponding patents have previously been in Switzerland,
 Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Sweden and Denmark
 (No. 2,082,527, September 24, 2014), Germany (no. 602007038680.2,
 September 24th, 2015), Japan (no. 5,103,479, October 5, 2012) and the
 USA (no. 7,983,441, July 19th 2011 and no. 8,300,885, October 30, 2012)

has been granted. Recently in the US, the third patent for
 Watermarking technology grants (no. 9,165,560, October 20, 2015).

The company also has a US patent for its
 MPE-blocking technology (no. 7,466,823, December 16, 2008).

Further information about the inventory of intellectual property rights
 can be found at:. http://dsny.com/intellectual-property

Über Destiny Media Technologies, Inc

Destiny Media Technologies (DSY.V) (DSNY) offers holders from
 Content services that allow this, their audio and
 Video content in a secure manner and digitized into the Internet
 spread. The two main products of the company are
 Clip Stream and Play MPE. Clipstream (www.clipstream.com) is a
 Video format, on any modern smartphone, tablet
 web-enabled device, TV or computer to play
 can. With Clip Stream it is no longer necessary, a
 To configure playback device or install. The videos
 Never become obsolete, and can Cashing up to 90 percent of
 Costs are saved. Play MPE (www.plaympe.com) is a
 standardized method of safe and cost-effective
 Distribution of pre-release music to radio stations and other data
 Professionals from the music industry prior to their public market.
 For more information, please visit www.dsny.com

Contact:. Steve VestergaardCEO, Destiny Media Technologies,
 Inc. 604 609 7736 DW222

Investor Relations Contact: Three Part Advisors, LLC Dave Mossberg
 817-310-0051 Jeff Elliott 972-423-7070

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