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Environmental organizations to VW scandal: Diesel be stopped? – Tagesschau.de

Incorrect exhaust values ​​and escapist detail fuel consumption: Several environmental groups have criticized the major automakers after Volkswagen scandal. Together they called for the consequences of the incidents – including tough sanctions

Actually, it is already longer an open secret, and even car buyers take now uncomplainingly into account that the new racer – whether diesel or gasoline – in road traffic significantly more swallows than stated in the prospectus. And so naturally emits more pollutants. Because Volkswagen but has now shown how brazenly manipulated the German transport and environmental organizations calling for consequences.

The VW scandal shame not only the automaker from Wolfsburg, represents Daniel Moser Greenpeace firmly. No, even the complete diesel technology is now a demystified once and for all: “One can only hope that this is now the end of the diesel engine.”

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Diesel technology may soon no longer be worth

It is the accusation in the room that the diesels were to blame for the bad air in many German cities. This has also criticized the EU Commission in a letter of formal notice to the Federal Government recently. Even from a driving ban was talk there. But the diesel crazy Germany which is difficult to achieve

The traffic expert of BUND, Jens Hilgenberg, nevertheless is certain. Admission rates of almost 50 percent, which will soon no longer exist. It put out more and more that in the new Euro 6 emissions standard considerable effort must be operated in order to comply with the limits: With nitrogen oxide catalysts Partikelfilteren, partly with urea solutions. Therefore, to be expected that will gradually disappear in the small and micro-car field of Diesel, because he did not expect, Hilgenberg said.

associations call redistribution of competences

But even if there is so, so that the problem with fake values ​​is far from solved. When exhaust emissions of the upper-class diesel, for example, or in a fuel consumption of gasoline, is not so environmentally friendly per se. And why have Greenpeace and BUND, together with NABU, the VCD and the German Environmental Aid now also written an open letter to the Chancellor.

“The central demand is to be that in future excluded must that manufacturers cheat here and that the limits are adhered to in reality, “says Michael Müller-Görnert from Verkehrsclub Germany. And why should the opinion of the organizations will no longer be the Kraftfahrtbundesamt check the values, but the Federal Environment Agency. And when it overruns should then also give tangible penalties


Other manufacturers in its sights

However, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt had already made clear that he does not think to give a skills under his authority. Also, let alone in the elucidation of the VW scandal. “Volkswagen will take all measures to notify their customers themselves. The course takes place in coordination with the Federal Motor Transport Authority,” noted the Minister clearly.

But the Kraftfahrtbundesamt trust environmental associations do not really on the way. Just as the commitment of the Minister, to stand up for emission test under real driving conditions in Europe. Standardized test benches can be tricked well with the right software – the VW has just proved impressive. Whereby do not want to join Jens Hilgenberg from BUND the brand bashing. Other manufacturers are namely just checked: “You can rely on it, that in the background to run, these methods already That’s just very complicated, it takes a little bit, but I’m assuming that we are in very, very short time the next. can report cases. “


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