Monday, October 12, 2015

Diesel technology has, according to expert nor future – T-Online

After the scandal around the exhaust cheating at Volkswagen diesel vehicles are discredited. But experts continue to believe in the future of cars. “The end of the diesel technology that does not mean for sure,” says Professor Reinhard scours, Head of Test and Technology at ADAC in Munich.

It is important that all vehicles exhaust mitigation techniques would be used, the emissions decreased. It must be adhered to across all operating states of the nitrogen oxide limit defined by Euro 6 standard of 80 milligrams per kilometer. “The necessary technologies are already available as standard,” said scours.

criticism of the Federal Motor Transport Authority

Also, the legislator there should be a rethinking, says potholes. Important are regular market surveys and monitoring of exhaust emissions in practice. The Federal Motor Transport Authority, that was actually responsible have never performed his knowledge independent field monitoring of this kind.

Is the diesel still be saved?

“The reason for the lack of inspections unfortunately the lack of money”, says the ADAC expert. Here, the Federal Ministry of Transport

New measurement methods in 2017

had asked that would it provide a sufficient budget available. To view the current issue deviating nitrogen oxide emissions to get when driving into the handle, was necessary for the targeted 2017 launch of new test cycles and a new measuring method. This is intended to reflect the emissions in the street.

This new procedure would have to be necessarily used in the approval process for new models, emphasizes scours. Also the TÜV Süd expects this to continue to provide sound evidence of the pollutant emissions, as the company explained on request.

Less tolerance for deviations

According to scour the legislator should thereby only Allow the smallest possible deviations between the nitrogen oxide limit values ​​on the test bench and in real operation. “The only way to ensure that the automotive industry uses exhaust techniques that effectively reduce emissions over all operating conditions.”


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